Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.

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Anyon Asola

I have been working as a dedicated and passionate fashion enthusiast since I was a kid.

Everyday offers a new opportunity to express myself and to better understand the impact my work has on a client’s present and future.

For me, fashion is more than just a profession - it’s also my art medium and life’s passion.

For more information about my projects, services and design, contact me.

Media Gallery

Media Gallery

Alex Kahan
Daria Bardeeva
Destiny magazine - March 2018 (4)
Dreamingless Magazine
Elle Beauty
H&M World Wide - Mantsho Collaborati
Hylton Boucher
Ingrid Alice Irsigler
Justin Dingwall
Lindie Wilton
Leigh Schubert
Marie Claire
Michelle Ludek
Nicholas Coutts
Sabine Liewald
Tamara Williams
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Commercial Videos




Photo Shoots

Ability to carefully listen to directions and work well with others, since many photo shoots involve several people.

Runway Shows

Respond and perform in runway conforming to requirements and theme of design line.

Film Commercials

Film television commercials and other video advertisements.

Travel on Demand

Able to travel and take modeling gigs all around the world,



Anyon Asola

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